Friday, 10 September 2010

Supperclub night..

Keep a look out as I am to host a supper night this month. Let your friends or family know. I look forward to welcoming you.

I will post a menu shortly on http://www.supperclubfangroup.ning/ and tickets are to be bought from http://www.wegottickets/

Have a look and see if it appeals..

Happy 90th...

This was afternoon tea to celebrate the coming of age, a suprise. With alot of the family
living far and wide it was to be mix of family closer by and long standing friends, amounting to 25.

Afternoon tea is such an English affair and one that appeals to many. From my point of view
it is a winner as visually it is always appealing. This being July I had the pick of fruits to work
with and as this was to be a suprise I was left to choose the menu. With such a broad age range
and palates the table groaned under a mound of small sandwiches, sausage rolls, strawberries and cream and various cakes of - Raspberry cheesecake..
Fallen chocolate souffle..
Blueberry and lavender.
Banana cake with passion fruit icing..
Meringues with sugared lavender..

Thankfully the sun shone and people sat in a lovely little garden, a pretty oasis hidden behind
a rose covered wall right in the centre of Brighton. It often takes a little while for people to
gravitate towards the table and they can need a nudge, as though they are a little afraid of
being the first one to actually ruin the display. Eventually most were happily sat with a plate of
something balanced on their knee and a china cup in their hand. People are always complimnetary, deserved or not comments are always welcome.

Underground farmers market

Next week, Sunday 17th September is the second showing of the underground farmers market run by the innovative Ms Marmite in London. I didn't go to the first one but apparently it was a huge success and this one seems even bigger and I am looking forward to it.

I know I will be impressed by the produce and even more so by peoples unusual ways in expressing what they enjoy. For the few of you who don't know, her blog is well worth following. Educative, informative, no nonsense and brave is this woman.