Thursday, 14 July 2011


' Mum have you ever made honeycomb' ? Just made some, really easy but it didn't turn out quite
right, do you think it's because my Bicarbonate of soda is a year and a half out of date ' ?

' Obviously ' !

'O Whatever'

'I'll give it a go, recipe '?

'Oh it's really easy, golden syrup, sugar, bicarb'

' and just tip all that into a bucket and mix I suppose ' !


So went the conversation with my daughter. She loves food and cooking as I do but our styles couldn't
differ more. Hers is all a bit of this, some of that, oh yeh I forgot that bit, no I dont have right size tin, oh well
I'll just cut that bit off, just give me a plastic bag and I'll carry it on my bike !

Mine is aiming at perfection and failing, anal about presentation and while I am still working out the width at
which the cutlery should be seperated she has whisked up ( with a fork of course ) some sort of delight all with
a disarming charm and endless optimistic cheer. And does it turn out ok, damn right it does.. Infuriating.
This is a glass half girl and I gaze upon her with pride and bemusement - where did she come from !

Honeycomb pictures to follow..

Multi Generational Afternoon tea..

I am assured by Maryon that I am allowed to mention her age , all 98 years ,without fear of offending.

This was a true multi generational afternoon tea to celebrate not only the above but just the fact that
Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Daughter and children were able to celebrate together at one table.It was both moving and a little daunting to be hosting and baking in particular, for afamily so adept in
the kitchen themselves, with many more years experience than I.
But as is usual with the guests my fears were quickly dispelled by their gracious good humour and obvious
enthusiasm of what I offered.
Maryon, calm and wise, a true Great Grandmother. She has lived through a time we
no longer understand, wars, deprivation and all the losses inherant in that. With a real understanding of how
to provide for a family with little, the ingenious ways to make food tasty and nutitrious within the stricture ofthe ration book. It is interesting to note how healthy they were, in both body and mind compared with the
excesses of today. Everyone at this table cooked or baked or both. Old teaching the young from memory, taste
and touch alone and I was envious indeed of 10 year old Jacks pastry knowledge, of which I am sorely lacking.

They all seemed to enjoy -

Scones cream and strawberries..
Banana loaf ..

Earl grey fruit loaf ..

Chocolate pear tart..Orange sponge cake..

Chocolate and almond brownies..
Selection of sandwiches with traditional leaf teas /hot chocolate on a stick/ fresh lemonade

A huge well done to Jack and Lizzie who sat through lots of grown up talk without a single complaint . I hope you enjoyed your goody bags !