Thursday, 14 July 2011


' Mum have you ever made honeycomb' ? Just made some, really easy but it didn't turn out quite
right, do you think it's because my Bicarbonate of soda is a year and a half out of date ' ?

' Obviously ' !

'O Whatever'

'I'll give it a go, recipe '?

'Oh it's really easy, golden syrup, sugar, bicarb'

' and just tip all that into a bucket and mix I suppose ' !


So went the conversation with my daughter. She loves food and cooking as I do but our styles couldn't
differ more. Hers is all a bit of this, some of that, oh yeh I forgot that bit, no I dont have right size tin, oh well
I'll just cut that bit off, just give me a plastic bag and I'll carry it on my bike !

Mine is aiming at perfection and failing, anal about presentation and while I am still working out the width at
which the cutlery should be seperated she has whisked up ( with a fork of course ) some sort of delight all with
a disarming charm and endless optimistic cheer. And does it turn out ok, damn right it does.. Infuriating.
This is a glass half girl and I gaze upon her with pride and bemusement - where did she come from !

Honeycomb pictures to follow..

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