Sunday, 28 March 2010

Brighton Food Festival..

This month has seen the close of the annual Brighton Food Festival. My tiny
contribution was to host a supper night organised through the event company
Clever Events , with the usual format of people buying tickets from http://www.wegottickets/ after choosing their preferred menu/night or location.

As is often the case the need to be flexible is always there as a couple of cancellations are to be expected which meant we were a smaller group than usual, but no less enjoyable. The flowers from a gentlemen guest was given top marks, so appreciated after all the hard work . A more charming group I couldn't of wished for. Cheerful, engaging and encouraging with plenty of the right noises accompanying each course !
Being a smaller group I seated them together which seemed to work well, each with interesting careers, families and stories to tell.

It was interesting to hear the observations from one the couples about another
supper night they had attended. Each night differs in every way and this I think is part of the appeal, never knowing if you are going to get the good, bad or ugly ! This and satisfying the human capacity for curiosity, a glimpse into anothers life and their personal belongings.
They all toyed with the idea of hosting their own night, which I applaud. They slipped away at a respectable hour, warmed by lots of food, wine and good
company, leaving me to the mess, just as it should be.

p.s..... this morning the mess remains.. but I am cheered immediately by my
lovely red tulips..

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  1. Hi Poppy

    Nice to hear that you have recently hosted a supper club. I too am hosting one in Brighton on the 23rd and 24th April. I am a first timer and as such such am slightly nervous soo any tips would be greatly appreciated. In fact it would be great if you could come along and also spread the word amongst your friends. Tickets are available from we got tickets and there is a link on my blog. All the money I raise is going to charity so the more people I can get to come along the better.

    Hope to see you.