Thursday, 10 March 2011

Tic Toc..

Brighton has it's fair share of quirky places to eat and drink but I recommend Tic Toc in the old lanes not least for the charming, naughty front of house Stephane !

Finding a consistently good cup of coffee in England is not easy which is why for many of us, we return time and again to the same places. Tic Toc understands coffee, with a real pride and interest taken in food and presentation. It is quickly evident that his knowledge and ability is vast and this extends right across the board, from actual cooking to quickly and skillfully observing customers requirements.

Unlike in England, France has held on to it's culinary culture and there is pride taken in working in the food industry of all types. We all too often undervalue it and in this case it is a Frenchman who has shown us how it can be done.

P.S They also sell my Chocolate and Guinness cake, which is rather yummy even if I do say so myself!

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