Sunday, 2 August 2009

Summer wedding

Back from the market

Had the honour of being asked to ' add creative touches' to the wedding of a friend this summer.
The most bountiful of seasons with flowers at their most beautiful. Between us we chose an informal country style look, perfectly suited to the big showy blooms of the peony, large headed
roses and accompanying sprays of variegated foliage all loosely tied up with some gorgeous vintage lace I had found, hopefully something for her to keep. The overall look was one of a bouquet almost in soft focus naturally complimenting the happiest of brides.

The venue was decorated simply with a mix of field flowers , gypsophila, peonies, roses and
hydrangeas, all casually arranged in a mismatched retro jugs, bowls and tea cups.

I had also found a lovely old typewriter, I then got bride and groom to write a love letter to one another in secret.. Placed on a corner table, it was a tender moment to see their
faces. A memory and future keepsake.

Chocolate shoes and added teapot spilling over with big blooms give the onlooker something to smile about...edible too !

Happy memories...hopefully I didn't let them down...

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