Friday, 29 January 2010

Vintage Afternoon Tea

Sunday dawned a crisp clear day for my forthcoming guests. I awoke reassured that the tables, previously
laid, looked suitably pretty although I find it difficult to be objective. You need the observations and fresh
eyes of others for that.
The various pieces of china lovingly sourced were placed alongside, glass, silverware, pretty cake stands complete
with original victorian postcards written as love letters to husband and wife.

The tea menu consisted of small sandwiches, cakes - chocolate and guinness/honey and coconut/small pavlovas with cream and passion fruit/chocolate shoes filled with chocolate mousse - all served with leaf tea, prosecco and pink lemonade.

The old 'non original ' weighing scales I had found filled with jelly beans looked very cute. It is interesting to see that generally the same things tend to be popular, chocolate always seems to be a winner in any form and so do pavlovas.

One of my guests was Australian and was naturally very happy at the sight of them.

Thank goodness as they were my
third attempt ! I have made them so many times with no trouble yet of course on the day could not get the oven
temperature right.

The honey and coconut cake wasn't eaten, which is good as it helps to know what should be avoided in future. I had cut it into squares and as it was uncovered this had possibly made it too dry.

The chocolate shoes courtesy of Choccywoccydodah in Brighton worked well with the mousse piped inside, even though
they were very sceptical about it working . Odd, why on earth not ?

The large table of guests were ideal, they all knew each other well and were lively, cheery and very relaxed. They bought another guest unannounced which worked out fine and always welcome. A voucher was requested for a another
who couldn't make it.

I look forward to my next....

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