Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Spanish Inquisition on Friday 13th...

My second venture onto the Secret Restaurant scene was to Fernandez and Leluu's supperclub at a secret location in Hackney.

We were welcomed by the lovely Uyen who offered us a glass of wine and showed us to our table. We were sharing with another couple but despite being in someone's home and only about 20 other guests it very much feels like a normal restaurant and so after a friendly hello no one feels obliged to chat to eachother.
The meal was a 6 course Spanish themed feast served prettily on mix matched china. We started with roasted almonds followed by Catalan tomato bread with salami on top. Then some delicious roasted chick peas in cider and russian roulette peppers accompanied by a potato salad. The next course was a very tasty garlic soup with pine nuts and apple

followed by tortilla with salsa piccante and chorizo in wine, there was definately some squash in the tortilla and the salsa piccante which gave it a delicious flavour.

The savoury courses were finished off with monk fish wrapped in serrano ham with squid ink rice. Delicious! This was by far the prettiest course so a photo would have been appropriate but I only managed to remember once I had eaten the lot! Dessert was two scoops of ice cream, one cardamon and one green tea, both scrumptious.

All in all a delicious meal, lots of interesting flavours and I have found that there is something oddly enjoyable in just having the food bought to you with no choice in what you eat.

Guests are encouraged to write on the bathroom mirrors with the general gist of messages along the lines of "will you marry me?", "yummmmm", "can I move in with you?".

Supper started at about 8pm and finished around half 12 so be prepared to miss your last tube (as I did) but if its fast food you are after there is a McDonalds around the corner...
Not a transvestite, Tina Turner impressionist or anything at all odd it sight...An altogether very different experience to The Pale Blue door but equally as enjoyable.


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