Monday, 9 November 2009

Supper club night - Winter warmer

Have decided to be brave and launch my first supper night. Bit scary to be honest but hopefully
with a warm welcome and a full tummy people will leave happy !
As it's so chilly out now I have decided on a hearty menu to include pumpkin soup ( served in their original cases ). Oxtail as a main, which I know is not that common these days, but I think it makes a delicious meal as it's cooked on the bone and the marrow makes it unctuous to eat. It is one of the cheaper cuts so needs long slow cooking which means once in the oven you can busy yourself with more important dessert ! Which if left to me I would eat first. !

I have opted for a flourless chocolate cake, which resembles a fallen souffle of sorts, it's delicate
because of the absence of flour, but fingers crossed, the end result should be a cross between a cake and a mousse.
Friday December 11th...... wish me luck !

Vintage Afternoon Tea is next.... menu and date to follow

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