Monday, 5 September 2011

Casillero del Diablo come to supper...

Not being drinker, the contact from Cas Diablo and Cube PR communications enquiring if I would be interested in hosting a Supperclub alongside show casing their wines was slighty ironic. My wine knowledge extends to knowing it comes in 3 colours, none of which suit me.

Thankfully I was reassured beforehand that the wine whizz
Joe Wadsack would attend to that and all I had to do was stay in the background - my favouite place !

This was such an enjoyable experience for me, emails were easy, prompt and
encouraging and I didn't even have to worry about guests, they were to organise everyone. My biggest job was to inform them of the menu in advance, something I never normally divulge but essential in this case as wines were to be matched with each course. Often I will change things according to my mood, skill and the weather.This last one being more than pertinent than ever as it turned out!

2 deliveries of wine and glasses arrived. I am not sure what I was expecting but looking at the crates of glasses, wine buckets and enough wine to bathe in I was somewhat disconcerted.

We had confirmed that should the weather hold out I would serve nibbles, and a glass of their choosing in the gardens. Confirming that, yes of course Joe and Briony PR extrordinaire were welcome to come 'a little earlier as long as I was told beforehand'.

The weather forecast had been predicting a lovely day but what
actually happened was a mini heatwave. The hottest day of the year so far and I was cooking slow cooked 7 hr lamb. Ah yes.. With every window open, the fan oven billowing heat and lamb juices about the room, plus trying to exterminate the 2 obligatory flies that insist on visiting every single time I open a window, I was becoming mildly hysterical by the minute. I mean who wants hot lamb in 35 degree heat?

Guests were due at 7.30 to eat at 8pm.

6pm without warning the bell rung.

Now this is one of those moments so awful that you simply can't quite believe it. Dressed in what can only be called 'bedroom attire', hair stuck to head, fluffy slippers, I was putting the finishing touches to the desserts.

Mmm.. what to do ? Oh I know best to ignore it, this is NOT happening. Buzz, BUZZ. Nope it definately is !

Mobile - "Hello Poppy, it's us, sorry so early but as it's such a nice day thought we would come a bit earlier" What!! (When you host it is those final last moments that become so precious as that's when you aim to rectify not frightening your guests with a sweaty, fraught, hausfrau and wish to emerge glowing and swan like!)

Somebody spoke into the phone saying "oh yes hello, I've just popped out, perhaps you could go for a walk and come back in 15 mins" Oh god it was ME talking.. No, it was me LYING !

Charm personified she didn't bat an eye lid though did sound a little unconvinced.

There ensued the fastest shower & change ever, as I then had to face them.
Two of the nicest people came through the door, Joe big in stature,personality and humour with Briony a calm and charming sidekick. He immediately took charge, confident and quick to observe what needed doing, doing so without asking. Great.
Fairly sure he was looking around thinking "good grief how are we going to squash them all in" ....(I think it was somewhere at this point that I realsied the oven was actually on grill) !!

Guests had been told the location last minute and taxis had been prebooked, but not a local company so there ensued a drop off fiasco on a comedy scale. A scant few were in the gardens eating and drinking while the others were being dropped off somewhere else entirely so I did spend far too much time turning the beans on and off "there on there way, oh no actually there not"! One poor guest didn't arrive until half way through the starter, though seemed unfazed.

With everyone finally seated Joe did his stuff and charmed the pants off everyone with his knowledge and his natural gift for story telling. The wine worked it's magic and a couple of the guests were definetly under it's spell so to speak!

The lovely Andrew Kay, a natural at the dinner table and perfect supper guest, as wordly, warm and good humoured. He told us all a very naughty tale which bought forth interesting reactions! He came with a large camera which I did try to hide in the bedroom but thankfully he rescued it as his photos of the night are fabulous.

The food seemed to go down well and finally exhausted, perched myself on the sofa which prompted Joe to exclaim "look at you , you look like you've just walked in, not even broken a sweat". Little did he know.

I particularly liked the moment when the wife of a gentleman guest who had come wearing a hat decided that my hat hung on a picture was his. We tussled with both for a while until they swayed off into the night.

Brownie points also go to Mr Graphic Foodie. Whilst listening to Joe's opinions of the lovely Nigella Mr GF said "well to be honest I've never got beyond the breasts" The calm, considered delivery
made us all laugh.

Thanks to all who came,you all made the night a success. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Joe and Briony, thanks so much for your hard work - Briony sorry you had to spend so much time in my bedroom with the taxi firm!

Please see Casillero del Diablo's write up here

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