Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tips.... for Supper clubbers

Having hosted now for approximately 2 years, donning various 'hats', literally and figuratively, I have naturally formed opinions from observation. Without wishing to offend guests past or present I thought I would list some of them..
They are simply my ramblings, feel free to ignore them !

1. DO dress up.. I do! I know everyone is busy these days and we can all wear what we like without comment, with comfort often taking precedence, but it really adds to the night injecting a sense of occasion into an often tedious working week and contributes to the general wierdness of eating with strangers in a strange home! Think Downton Abbey formality or 1950s glamour or sexy, quirky whatever suits.

2. Bring alcohol and plenty of it! I don't drink and neither am I able to supply alcohol but I notice the difference it makes in getting people to relax especially those who are not naturally gregarious. Remember you will be at a shared table so that could mean another guest may help themselves to your bottle without thinking, if your parsimonious you may struggle with this but your not at a restaurant and sharing openly is nice.

3. Bring a camera. I am busy, forgetful and camera shy so photos are always forgotten, but they
make a difference, not just a memory but really helpful for me to steal and use !

4. If unlike me you are blessed with a creative talent - singing, drawing, have a great story, want to play a game, propose... please do.

5. Thank you everyone who has booked, paid and bought a bottle - I couldn't have done it without you ..!

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