Friday, 23 September 2011

Supper.. .an observation

Thanks once again to those of you who booked 'Love Poppy ' last week.

Really nice group, SO well behaved! I think the 2 new breastfeeding Mums
who bought apple juice set the scene for a calm evening ! A smaller group
too as a few cancellations. With just 2 men the conversation was dominated
by the ladies of the night !

Derren of 'Devour Sussex' and his very gorgeous wife came instead of Steve who couldn't make it last minute. Derren is a Chef and writes resturant reviews.. I did let out an audible groan at this point but he was all charm and consideration.

I was a little concerned at one point that it was all a little too subdued and they might all be in bed by 9.30 but the lovely Lillie got a second wind and seemed to cheer everyone along. Very funny. Watching everyone, is the best bit for me. Each guest is different and brings something different to the table, the ideal is a mix of age ranges, nationalities and interests. But I never know who is going to appear through my door so whether everyone gets on is pot luck.

As I don't disclose the menu it is interesting to note that the guests never appear at all fazed by what I stick in front of them ! Clearly I need to be less pedestrian. I never have food left over which is exactly what I want, though this time I did overdo the desserts somewhat. 2 on the plate and then a passion fruit pavlova set in the middle of everyone to help themselves. Not quite enough sugar? Oh ok here's a bit more then! They didn't finish this so I did, for breakfast... YUM...

I liked watching them with their phones comparing baby photos and exchanging phone numbers etc... and a huge kiss goes to lovely Stephane from Tic Toc cafe who charmed us all with his French accent, resplendent in a new jumper!

Well done to Nike who came dressed with elegance and alone. That takes courage. Thank you also for sending a thank you note with you thoughts - perfect.

I hope everyone went home satisfied...x

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